Monday, January 7, 2008

Home Shoppers Disappointed by Most Realtor Web Sites

Imagine doing a Google search for real estate in your city and clicking on the first listing that comes up in Google’s search results because we think it will be relevant, only to find a bunch of regurgitated facts and figures about buying and selling a home and 3 “featured listings”. Well that’s what many home shoppers are finding on the internet today. Thousands of Realtors have web sites that simply do not deliver what savvy internet home buyers are searching for, inventory!!.

The worst part is that many of these Realtor web sites are optimized so that they come up on the first page of the search engines, only to disappoint the web visitor who has come to know and trust the search engines for weeding out the useless web sites.

The good news is that there are some Realtor sites that offer their visitors exactly what they are looking for, most of the homes for sale in their local area. It is called the MLS or Multiple Listing Service and it’s the very same system that Realtors have been using to buy and sell our homes for many years. Surprisingly, while roughly 600,000 plus real estate agents have web sites, very few of those actually offer their visitors access to the “holy grail” and as a result, are disappointing visitors who found them with searches like; “Denver real estate”, Orlando real estate, etc.

The best way for consumers to cut through the waste of Realtor web sites and quickly find sites that show thousands of homes for sale in their area is to search using terms like “Miami mls listings”, “Dallas mls listings”, or “Memphis mls search” etc. When you use the more specific term “mls” in your search phrase, only sites that have the term mls somewhere on the page will come up and most of these will offer you access to the biggest database of homes for sale in your area.

An even quicker way to find these useful local real estate web sites is to visit MLS Maps has created a national MLS directory which gives you direct access to the MLS listings in 230 cities in the US as well as school information and links to every city and county web site.

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